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King of the Cannibals (Der Konig der Kannibalen) 2 Discs

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Image of King of the Cannibals (Der Konig der Kannibalen) 2 Discs

P.S.Y.C.H.O. Productions with a splatter filled goofball tale...

Taken hostage by the boy believed dead, Crippler Criss and Master W must take him against his vengeance campaign against the animal beast, who not so long ago ate his brother, and thus witness a Enormous development: Since the opening of the short film "The Last Cannibal", a shuddering cult has developed around the hersieder and his beast, and a considerable part of the Silscheder Forest is in the hands of cannibals! Will Master W and Crippler ever be able to leave the forest again? Will the Scout get his revenge? And what about these mysterious videotapes, which an unknown person repeatedly asks the three adventurers to give them a glimpse of their own future?

Confused? Me neither... er....

Toxic Filth Video is proud to present, King of the Cannibals(Der Konig der Kannibalen) from Psycho Productions.

Presented Uncut with English Subs, This DVD is packed with extras on this 2 disc edition.

Includes Mini Poster.

--- Licensed for limited release to TOXIC FILTH VIDEO 2020 ---