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PHONOMANIE (Germany 2019, 97 min.)


A masked man in a suit gains access to an apartment; secretly, systematically and silently kills everyone present in a bestial way. Unnoticed, he leaves the scene. On a weekend trip some time later, Samantha and her friends realize that this incident was probably not the only one, because the culprit has left a trail of horror. Without further ado, they decide to do some research on the matter themselves, without realizing what they are going to do for a chain reaction. A horrible horror trip begins, because someone plays a deadly game ... Do you trust your friends?

A gore soaked stealth slasher you cant miss!

LIMITED TO 50 DVD COPIES.(these are replicated discs, not duplicated as we usually present)
Includes mini poster.

Director: Mr. Zito

Genre: Stealth Slasher


Marie Richter, Sabine Wedde, Daniel Broßmann, Philipp Pietsch, Robert Müller, Kay Herrmann, Maik Albrecht, Sandra Herrmann, Anne Kaiser, Ulrike Bernstein, Nicole Klotzsche, Matthias Rink, Paul Mühlberg, Anett Feuereiss, Janet Wiedbusch, Lyann Wiedbusch, Susann Erdmann Nicole Seidel, Josefine Thürmer, Henriette Thürmer, Henriette Klose, Janette Pissang, Sabine Schulz, Linda Pokoj, Steffen Mitte, Birgit Richter, Christin Heinig, Katharina Penschke

Special Appearance: Thomas Goersch as Thomas

Producers: Stefan Peschmann, Gisela Peschmann, Philipp Pietsch, Daniel Peschmann

Gore / Splatter & Blood FX: Dark-Room EFX Design, Stefan Peschmann, Anett Feuereiß

Make-up FX: Sandra Herrmann

SFX: Anett Feuereiss

Graphic design: Stefan Peschmann

-Licensed to Toxic Filth Video 2019-