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The Executioner(1+2) -der henker 1+2

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The Executioner - (Der Henker) (2003)

A woman has snapped and killed her husband. Verbally abusing her son as she drags the body away in a bag. After dumping the corpse down a gorge she herself dies in a car accident. Her son is placed into a mental institution.

Six years later he makes a bloody escape!

Death befalls the unwary as The Executioner wanders the countryside!


The Executioner 2 - (Der Henker 2) (2014)

The Executioner returns!

On a path of death, mayhem and destruction!

This time he is after someone. It turns out he has a brother and needs to kill him. On his trail are two doctors out to stop him and end this madness!
No one is safe; street bums, gang members, lovers and those around his brother all befall the wrath of The Executioner!

Kadaverfucker for the soundtrack adds to the mayhem with their grind, pig squeal death and punk sonic discharge!

German Splatter Underground at its cheapest and nastiness! We have thanks to Andreas Schnaas and his Violent Shit franchise for Der Henker 1 & 2!

The Executioner 1+2 (Der Henker 1 & 2)
Director: El Excremento

Thanks to Splat and EHC for all the help with the release.

Toxic Filth Video is proud to bring you the German underground classics Der Henker 1 and 2 presented uncut with English subtitles.

Also included is deleted scenes, music video and mini poster.

Cover art by Hr. Horse.(dead format films)

-Licensed for limited release to Toxic Filth Video 2020-